About Thomas Salzano

Thomas Salzano, a former music teacher and a true music lover, is working to keep the significance of music alive.

For him, his guitar is the most precious thing in this whole world after his daughter ‘harmony’ and wife ‘Maria’. Often called as “dreamer of musical dreams” by his followers, Thomas gives free guitar classes at the local museum.

Thomas’s journey began in Woodstock, New York, where he was born. At age 11, he listened to Paco Peña, a flamenco guitar artist, on radio and his life took a new turn. He started to learn guitar and followed the footprints of the Spanish guitarist.

Thomas Salzano Loves Playing Guitar
Thomas Salzano a true music lover

His love for music has taken him to hundreds of stages and frolics. Thomas Salzano is creating more peace and ease in the world by bonding people with music.

Thomas Salzano is widely recognized as one of the most creative and influential musicians who is famous for his self composed music. He has written more than 50 songs from which eighteen songs were performed live by him in events and concerts.

He has done mastery in his favorite instrument i.e. guitar but he also loves playing other instruments like piano and violin.

Thomas has started his own studio where he gives free classes to students of music and teaches them how to play musical instruments. His song collection has a new fan base in his studio as the students’ first lesson starts from his self composed songs.