Thomas Salzano: Live Streaming Tips For Musicians in Growing Digital World

“Live streaming has become the most convenient and trending way to interact with your audience during the ongoing pandemic,” says Thomas Salzano, a musician by profession and a renowned blogger. But for aspiring musicians, it is a challenging situation to manage and deal with the technology while performing live.

Consider the challenges faced by musicians and other professionals while live streaming.

Here are some tips shared by Thomas Salzano that will make it easy to live stream. Let’s go through the tips shared:

  • Choose a Quiet space where you are sure no external noise/person/thing will affect your performance
  • Also, use an external mic, a pop film production software to sound good.
  • Make sure that you have an appealing background that does not distract the audience while you are performing. Make your live stream look good.
  • Pay attention to the lighting, so that people can see your face. A dark shade may annoy the audience as there is no point in live streaming if your audio and video are clear.
  • Connect and keep sharing the update before, during, and after the live streaming on social media channels like Facebook to gain more audience attention of more audience.
  • Make sure you test everything before you get started. Last-minute panic or system failure can be embraced at times.
  • Take requests from your live audience to make it more interactive and fun.
  • Start the promotion beforehand, and monetize the results for the time you have started promoting it.
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These are the important tips that you need to consider along with the majority of your focus on your performance. Thomas Salzano says that live streaming as music is more than just a beautiful performance, the background and the first appearance matters to attract and engage the audiences.