Thomas Salzano: New Trends in Music Industry 2021

“One post or remix gone viral can create a new trend in the music industry, even a popular dialogue used in a song can do founders,” says Thomas Salzano, a popular musician and a blogger.

The music industry is one of the popular creative industries that keeps audiences entertained. The love and support that they get for their creativity, makes their work trend as people can not easily get over the melody.

Thomas N Salzano - Music (1)

Till now the year 2021 has been favourable for musicians and there is already a list of trends of the year. In this post Thomas Salzano has highlighted some o the ongoing trends in 2021:

  • Social Media Livestreams
  • Indie Artists are gaining popularity
  • Visual Albums and Music Documentaries have unexpectedly gained popularity this year
  • Algorithm-Based Music
  • Music Genre Crossover
  • Live Music
  • Mainstream and Indie Artists (Movie/TV soundtrack breakout artists)

These are some of the most popular ongoing trends in the music industry in 2021. Considering the current situation where conducting live shows and concerts are not possible, the digital world and free social platforms have been really helpful for the music industry.

Thomas Salzano says that platforms like Netflix and other similar streaming platforms have opened new opportunities for musicians. These opportunities have contributed as new ideas and fortunately worked and became trendsetters.