Thomas Salzano: Reasons Why to Rent Your Music Instruments Instead of Selling Them

Old instruments are always special to us, but at one point in time, we plan to sell them, which is what Thomas Salzano, a popular musician, feels.  Especially when you are a beginner you often plan to sell your musical instruments as you are not confident enough to continue learning how to play them.

Thomas says “but we all deserve a second chance even when we decide not to try it again.”

That’s why never sell your music instruments, instead, give them on rent for a couple of days and take your time to rethink discontinuing learning.

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Here are some reasons shared by Thomas Salzano in support of “Why you should give your music instrument on rent instead of selling them.”

  • Renting is more economical especially for beginners as you get a chance to earn from what you have kept aside for quite a long time.
  • Renting your instruments gives your time to rethink the thought of selling them. As we all are too attached as a musician to our instruments, it is not an easy decision to make to sell it off.
  • Easy maintenance of your instrument as now others have started using your instruments, and they are no longer kept in a corner of your room.
  • You do not have to worry about storage, as the instruments that you do not use often are not rented now, which gives you less stress of maintenance and storage.
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The best place to rent your instruments is to music coaching centres or schools where there are professionals to guide others on how to use the instruments professionally.

Thomas Salzano says renting your instruments to other professionals is a great deal as the risk of damage is very less.

So look for professional institutes to rent what you have and earn a bit from it.