Thomas Salzano: Use of Sanskrit Mantras in Musical Compositions

“The best part to add a Sanskrit mantra in your musical compositions is that the mantras have a strong means that easily catch the listener’s interest,” says Thomas Salzano a renowned musician.

Sanskrit is a spiritual language that holds spiritual and cultural meaning. Musicians frequently use the Sanskrit mantras in their song composition, at times in the same language or translate it musically in their language.

Thomas Salzano says the generation today appreciates and feels more connected to the Sanskrit mantras. This is why it is becoming a trend to add a few lines of Sanskrit to the composition. There are geographical barriers anymore as earlier the Indian music embraced the Sanskrit mantras in music. But now musicians all across the globe have considered the Sanskrit mantras as an inspiration.

You will see many Hollywood celebrities, with a tattoo in the Sanskrit language, inspiring others to explore the beauty of the Sanskrit Language. Musicians of today, with their creativity, have come up with different ways to embrace the Sanskrit mantras in their music. This is something that listeners of all generations are loving.

So for those who are planning to use the Sanskrit mantras in the music composition, it’s a green signal for them. Just remember not to hurt the sentiments of the people and use the correct form of mantra.

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To be on the safer side, the best you can do is explain the meaning of the mantra during the promotions. In this way, it will become easy for the listeners to connect with your composition and even you will get a chance to make edits if required.