Thomas Salzano – Things Musicians Can Do At Home

Be ready for whatever comes your way, just take a pause and think what best can you do to make things work with your talent, says Thomas Salzano, a motivational speaker, and a musician.

Due to the current pandemic situation, we all have faced situations that were not that easy to handle. But now to bring back your life on track you need to adjust with the new norms without any compromise.

For all those aspiring musicians it’s the best time to polish up your skills and become technology friendly by utilizing your time at home. Thomas Salzano says people feel safe to stay home and avoid public gathering which is why each one of us has more time for ourselves. Investing this time in the right direction is the need of the hour, so dear musicians do work on your creativity and make good utilization of your talent and the digital platforms.

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For all those aspiring musicians here are some activities shared by Thomas Salzano that you should consider doing while you sit back home:

  • Practice New Techniques

It’s great to work on your skills and focus on polishing them but moving forward with the trends is equally important. So do spend time learning new techniques you haven’t tried or performed yet. Use this time to go creative and expand your horizon of skills. Read music books and use free platforms like YouTube tutorials to learn.

  • Clean your gear & instruments

Till now you were busy performing and spent time with your favorite instrument. But now due to the pandemic situation, you have time to reconnect with all your gears and instruments at home. Take them out, clean them up, and get started.

  • Learn about musicians and bands, especially your favorite ones

Learning is the key to success, so never stop learning is what Thomas advises to all the aspiring musicians. Now that you have time so why not invest some in reading and learn from the musicians you are inspired from. The music tutorials and personal tips shared by the musicians or other authors will help you reach out to the right information. 

  • Learn a new instrument

As said before the process of learning should never stop. Even if you are master at one particular instrument it’s time for you to invest some time in learning how to play new instruments that you earlier planned to learn but was not able to due to your busy schedule. This is especially for the students that complained that they are not able to take out time for their hobbies.

  • Start a new project and share your work online

We live in a world where we have so many open platforms to explore and reach out to your audience. As a musician, you can make the best use of the digital world to create your own social media page, YouTube channel to create and share your work.

These are some activities that you can do sitting back home, invest time in learning, and go slow. Thomas says as a musician he has tried to finish his unfinished work, explored his skills as a writer, tried learning new instruments, spent time reading about new technologies and trends in the music industry. The same can be done by you, learn, explore, share, and grow instead of feeling sad about the fact that you are stuck at home is what Thomas Salzano advises everyone.