Thomas Salzano: Traits That Prove You Were Born to Be a Musician

When we talk about musicians there are some traits that set them different from the rest of the world, says Thomas Salzano a musician and a famous blogger. Although any skill or profession can be learned, still there are certain traits that describe your interest in something particular like music.

Similarly, there are some specific traits that can be seen in musicians and the sooner you identify these, it will be easy for you to take your passion for music one step ahead.

What was the first thought or situation that made you realize that you have an interest in music? Were you aware of the symptoms of musicianship? Can you identify the musician traits in you? If not, let’s discuss some traits that are common in musicians, and in case the listed traits match you’re, then as an aspiring musician, you can proudly say that you were born to become a musician.

Here are some traits listed by Thomas Salzano: 

You like to rhyme all the time

Yes, one common trait is that is common in both poets and musicians that is the habit of rhyme sentences. You will feel happy even if you rhyme just 2 lines. Even while talking to someone you will show them some of your rhythmic sides. 

They Love the music they create

As an aspiring musician, you will make little attempts to create music, even while you are sitting in your class. This is the biggest sign that you are a born musician as your hands automatically start creating music with whatever is around you, you start enjoying the sounds you create that later take a musical form.

You are Creative

Creative is not in terms of music but as a person with new ideas. You crave to create something new, you love to initiate your unique ideas, and you are a quick observer of and admirer of talent that is unique. Creativity is a trait that every musician has.

So don’t ignore your creative side but make the best use of it as Thomas did. Creativity was the only trait that Thomas could identify when he was young and made use of his creative side in all possible ways including music. 

There is nothing like Bad Music in your Dictionary

Listening to music and creating some music is how a musician grows as if you appreciate all the rough forms of music and see opportunities for improvement then yes that is the trait of a musician in you. Instead of criticizing, you will think of ways or forms in which you can create a better version of the same music that sounds bad to others. That is how musicians grow and create the best music.

 Strive for Perfection

A musician does not believe in compromises. A musician will not contend himself/herself with something that is close to what they desired to compose, play to perform but they continuously work for perfection.

Thomas Salzano

These are some common traits that are found in a musician, if you have them all then do sit back and think that do you like music or love it. This is the little difference you need to understand. Remember don’t confuse yourself between a singer and a musician.

Both have a huge difference. Your attraction towards musical instruments can be misunderstood with desires to have one but if the joy of playing the same instrument can not be overlooked says, Thomas.

One big mistake that the parents make when their kids are young that they force the kids to either learn or leave the musical instruments. As a kid, it is difficult to make a career decision but the passion can never be killed if not forced to, says Thomas Salzano a musician.

So for all those parents that have kids who love music don’t force your kids to make a decision so soon, give them a chance to explore and as a parent, it’s your duty to identify your kids traits and areas of interest.