Thomas Salzano: Music Industry Trends 2020

The meaning of music will be different for different people depending on their choice, and emotions attached to music, says Thomas Salzano a musician. The music industry is growing and the high frequency of adapting to the latest technologies by the industry has set different benchmarks by introducing different trends.

Music Lovers and bloggers like Thomas Salzano keeps sharing the changing trends in the music industry and the reaction of the audiences about the latest music trends. There is a visible shift in music consumption habits and music production that will only intensify in the coming years.

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Let’s talk about some music trends that you will witness in the year 2020: 

The Songs will keep Getting Shorter

Earlier the length of the songs was more than 4 mins but as per the recent trends, all the top song’s average track length is three minutes and seven seconds. Even the music experts suggest shortening the tracks by keeping in mind that you do not sacrifice artistic integrity by shortening the track.

Welcome back 80’s with a Mix

This trend is not a surprise for you as there are a number of 80’s songs that are being recreated by making them a bit different in terms of trending music. The hit 80’s songs are embraced both sonically and aesthetically by the music industries. These songs are turning out to be hit songs again and that is why the music industry is experimenting with 80’s songs to come up with more such hits.

The Change in Music Promotion Strategies

The song promotion strategies are changing and the creators prefer connecting with their fans on a personable level like YouTube. The artists promote their songs on other personal platforms that allow them to easily connect with their fans. Not only this there are many musical apps that allow you to launch your music on their platforms making it easy for the artists to connect with the audiences.

The Music and the Virtual Reality will Merge

In recent years, virtual reality has improved and has reached wider recognition. In the coming years, music and virtual reality will become one giving a boost to the music industry and setting a new trend in the world of music and virtual reality. 

The Change in audience expectation

The recent scenario is that the expectations of the consumer/audience have changed after advanced technologies like Alexa have been introduced to them. People prefer tech bundling and advanced technology like Alexa even if it is related to music. The music industry needs to cope-up with the technologies and offers like tech bundling where a bunch of in-demand options are offered in one, for example, Amazon offers so much with its Prime membership.

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Thomas Salzano says that the music industry is known for its trends so if you are expecting the trends to change than yes, you are right. The scope of growth in the music industry but the artists needs to be flexible enough to cope-up with the changing trends. There are lots and lots of opportunities that the artists can grab in the music industry as no trend is out of fashion when it comes to music, it’s just new trends get added to the list.