Thomas Salzano – Which Guitar to Pick as a Beginner

The moment you decide that it’s the guitar that you want to learn and explore your talent with. The first problem that you will face is choosing the right guitar as a beginner. As it’s your first guitar and if you have no knowledge about the guitar and the type of music you want to play then the difficulty doubles?


Thomas Salzano who is a guitarist himself and is passionate about his dream of being a World famous guitarist. He as a blogger thought to share his knowledge about guitars with all of us.

First, decide what kind of music do you want to play.

If you just want to learn the guitar so that you can play your favorite song then the acoustic guitar is the right choice for you as a beginner.

But if you are interested in playing metal, classical or punk rock then you should go for an electric guitar to start with.

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Why Acoustic Guitar?

The best part of buying an acoustic guitar is that you don’t need anything to play them. Which means there is no need for an amp, cables or a power supply. These guitars create sounds through the soundhole and are a bit lighter in weight.

The other side of the coin of the acoustic guitar is that they can be a pain for your figures as the strings of the guitar are thicker than the electric guitar.

Why Electric Guitar?

The space between the strings and the fretboard is lower as compared to the acoustic guitar which means it will take less pressure for you to hold the string. Some electric guitars have whammy bars that allow you to alter your sound even more.

The other side of the coin about the electric guitar is that you need a lot of stuff to make it work. The other things which you need with an electric guitar are a cable, an amplifier and a power source. Always buy a new set of string or ask the shopkeeper to change the strings of your new guitar is what Thomas Salzano suggests because strings get dull after some time even if they are placed on a rack in a store for days or months, sometimes even for years.