Thomas Salzano – Do What Your Heart Says

“Learn and try your hand in whatever you feel is fantasizing you in the way to choose a career,” says Thomas Salzano a famous blogger cum musician who has proved his statement. He chose to try new things and experiment around with whatever he feels is right for him. This is the reason he gives for all the career chose he has made until now and has excelled in all.

Thomas Salzano is not just a famous traveler and musician but also a photographer and his interest in photography developed when he use to travel around with his friends. He made sure that he takes his camera along for every trip he planned. This way his interest in photography emerged and now he has earned a name in the field of photography too.

This is not all that makes him know among all other famous people. His childhood interest in cricket and cycling adds to his career choice. Being passionate about what he likes made him a multitasker and today his passion has made him a cricket coach and a professional cyclist.

Thomas Salzano says, “ I always merge my interests to take out time for all.” This is how he managed his professional life as a cricket coach and a biker.

Thomas Salzano, says he loves cooking as he developed this interest when he visited his grandparent’s cafe when he was a school. Later as his grandmother was struggling with health issues Thomas helped his grandfather in managing the cafe. He opted for cooking classes and got many certificated to continue the family business. 

All his professional career options motivated him to become a writer and he started his own blogs. Thomas Salzano keeps sharing his tips and tricks that can help the readers to gain knowledge about cooking, photography, cricket, music, and traveling. His blogs are a medium to connect and share with the world his knowledge and experience. Thomas N Salzano is also famous as a motivational speaker who keeps the enthusiasm of the aspiring bubbles in search of a career.